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30 years ago I bought my first camera: a nice Practica, all manual but with an integrated lightmeter and a 50mm lens. I still have it somewhere. A Vivitar 70-210 mm. and a Panasonic flash were added soon to my collection;

The digital age however opened a brand new world for the photographic enthusiast. Now we spend a lot of money on equipment, but the photo's come almost for free. We shoot a lot, see the result immediately and, hopefully, learn from the many mistakes we make.

30 years ago


Coming from Minolta analogue, my first digital camera was a Konica Minolta D5D with the kit 18-70 an 75-300. The Sigma 105mm 2,8 macro and the Tamron 17-50 2,8 were added for obvious reasons: quality and light. I still have this camera, hesitated when Sony took over the brand, but decided to upgrade after a couple of years to the Sony α700 with the 16-105 mm. kit lens. I love this camera, that I bought at an incredible price. It still is very much a Minolta .



The 70-400 G lens is sitting in my bag since June. It is a very versatile lens giving nice colours and sharpness. It starts at 70 mm., so even portrets come out very nice. I have used her in Bali whenever I had the chance, and I 'm quite pleased with the results. I also used my 105 mm. (macro) Sigma a lot, and the quality is amazing compared to standard zoom lenses. So recently I added a 50 mm. 1.8 to my collection. Perfect portet lens.


So, the goal is to use prime lenses as often as possible. For pixel peeping they are the best!
I'm now hesitating between the 35 mm. (equivalent of a 50 mm. full frame) or a 85 mm.